The Cigar-Box Wonder...

The Cigar-Box Wonder…

My brother smoked a bunch of cigars and I asked him for the box….well, then the Plethorium-O-Wonder had all sorts of cool parts for it, I cut out sound holes, finished her in boiled Linseed oil and made her rock….well….she sounds great as a slide guitar.
One-piece Maple neck I cut, angled and set – the emblem is from an old Cadillac.
Glued maple veneer strips as fretting.
She gets her awesome sound from a transducer mounted in he body and of course the Wollensak bridge cover gives her class.
Bone hand-cut head-nut and bridge for mellow soundage.
I used a vintage radio knob for the volume potentiometer.
If you have a favorite cigar box or any old box – I can custom make one for you…

$150.00 (+-)